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NWT Tourism Spectacular Story Awards 

In the NWT, people deal with unique challenges in unique ways and we have incredibly warm and positive people who do things every day that are out of the ordinary for most Canadians. This year NWT Tourism would like to give recognition to the stories that demonstrate the best of what the NWT offers through the people who provide spectacular experiences and services in our tourism industry to the visitors they host from inside and outside of the NWT. We celebrate stories as part of our destination and our brand and it is time that others can celebrate these stories and moments with us!

The ask:

  1. Tell us about a specific story from your tourism operation that shows the strength, humour, quirkiness, and warmth (or any combination of these traits) of yourself, your guides, your employees, your suppliers, etc.
  2. Share any images you have that illustrate your story. Do you have a pictures of individuals who you went over-the-top to help? Group shots of a trip where visitors started as strangers and became best friends?

The prizes
The top three stories will be:

  • Added to our stories on the spectacularnwt.com website
  • Promoted through NWT social media channels
  • Shared with Destination Canada for possible inclusion in “Canada Nice” promotions
  • Cash prize of $500 for each of the top three stories

Thought Starters:
Here a few examples of stories we have caught wind of that we would love to share.

  • A certain fishing lodge operator requested help to expedite a violin to his lodge after finding out that a guest at the lodge played in one of the philharmonic orchestras – an opportunity not to be passed up! The assistance of the community to find a violin and the note that arrived with the violin round out a uniquely northern, heartwarming, quirky and interesting story that we would be proud to share.
  • A paddling guide found a camera alongside the Nahanni River. The story of finding the camera, recognizing a past guest in the images still on the camera, and tracking down the visitor who originally lost it is a great story, and shows the deep connection between guides and guests, and the world needs more stories like this one.
  • And here is an example of a wonderful story currently on our website to show how story content and images will be used: https://spectacularnwt.com/story/why-northwest-territories-keeps-me-coming-back

Deadline: October 21
Write up your story in bullet points or full paragraphs, whatever works for you. Provide as much detail as possible, send us some images to go with the story, and we will do the rest!

Send stories to: joel@spectacularnwt.com before the deadline of October 21 and help us share stories that celebrate the best in our industry so others can celebrate with us.