Ainsley Lamontagne
NWT Tourism - Staff (Marketing Director)
Alana Mero
Councillor - Town of Inuvik
Alicia Dubois
Alicia Dubois
Atanas Botev
The Explorer Hotel
Bruce Kirkby
Keynote Speaker
Cathie Bolstad
Northwest Territories Tourism - Staff (Executive Director)
Chris Avery
First Air
Colin Munro
Janor Guest House & The Willows Inn
Don Morin
Aurora Village (NWT Tourism Board of Directors)
Douglas Johnston
Outcrop Communications
Edie Dul
Hearne Lake Lodge (NWTT Board of Directors)
Ernie Carmichael
Evan Walz
GNWT - Director, Tourism & Parks
Harold Grinde
Gana River Outfitters (NWTT Board of Directors)
Heather Moses
Gwich'in Tribal Council (NWTT Board of Directors)
Howie Miller
Jackie Challis
Northern Eventures
James Heidema
Northwestern Air Lease Ltd.
Jennifer Thistle
GNWT - Dehcho Region
Jessica Pelt
First Air
Jonah Mitchell
Parks Canada (NWTT Board of Directors)
Judith Wright-Bird
Sahtu Secretariat (NWTT Board of Directors)
Julie Warnock
Northwest Territories Tourism - Staff (Communications Officer)
Kaitlyn Vician
Northwest Territories Tourism - Staff (Marketing Communications Coordinator)
Karl-Heinz Schaefers
The Explorer Hotel
Kelly Kaylo
GNWT - ITI (NWTT Board of Directors)
Kim Poulter
First Air
Kristen Tanche
Dehcho First Nations (NWTT Board of Directors)
Lawrence Neyando
Chief - Inuvik Native Band
Leah Keats
Janor Guest House & The Willows Inn
Michelle Handley
Northwest Territories Tourism - Staff (Conference Bureau & Partnership Coordinator)
Michelle Keizer
GNWT- South Slave
Mike Olson
Touch the Arctic Tours (NWT Tourism Board of Directors)
Paul Harrington
Northwest Territory Metis Nation (NWTT Board of Directors)
Richard McIntosh
City of Yellowknife
Ron Lowry
First Air
Ryan Strain
Shannon Szucs
Northwest Territories Tourism - Staff (Marketing Coordinator)
Stephanie Cudmore
GNWT - Dehcho Region
Susan Bolton
Susan Wright
North-Wright Airways (NWT Tourism Board of Directors)
Tom Jensen
GNWT - ITI Deputy Minister
Tori Surgeoner
Northwest Territories Tourism - Staff (Consumer Market Coordinator)
Travis Wright
North-Wright Airways
Wally Schumann
GNWT - Minister of ITI
Wendy Grater
Black Feather