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Annual General Meeting

NWT Tourism AGM 2021 General Information

The NWT Tourism AGM 2021 will be held Tuesday, October 26, 2021 beginning at 1:30 p.m. via Zoom video-conferencing. There is no cost to attend the AGM.

The Annual General Meeting will be recorded for members who cannot attend or who would like to review the meeting after the event. 

AGM Package Materials

AGM Package materials are being uploaded as they become available. Please click on each of the items below to be directed to the document.

Voting on business arising and bylaws at the AGM

Appointed, Regular and Associate Members who are “Members in Good Standing” will have voting rights for business items arising at the AGM. While we normally allow observers and non-voting members into the AGM, the Zoom poll platform that we will be using to enable all members to vote on motions and resolutions has no way of limiting those who come into the Zoom meeting from participating in the polls. For this reason, only voting members will be able to attend the AGM this year. 

Because the Zoom control feature to allow voting members into the meeting is linked to the poll feature, no proxies will be made available this year. The board does note that having the meeting by ZOOM significantly increases the availability of the AGM for members as they can attend from any location as long as they have an internet connection.  

Each Appointed, Regular and Associate member in good standing is entitled to one vote. 


The Resolution process has been designed to:

  • Ensure that when resolutions are brought forward at the AGM the resolutions are industry-wide issues which create a clear call to action for governments on an industry-wide issue that can be pursued by NWT Tourism through its advocacy/lobby activities;
  • Increase the opportunity for members to see proposed resolutions and rationale in advance of the AGM so they can come to the AGM prepared better for discussion; and
  • Enable the Board to plan for incorporation of proposed resolutions into the AGM Meeting Agenda.

The Board has established a Resolution Committee to work with members. The 2021 Resolutions Committee is comprised of: Wendy Grater, Dana Hibbard and Donna Lee Demarcke.

Resolution Deadline: 
The resolution deadline is now past. 

Resolutions have been reviewed by the Resolutions Committee and deemed ready for presentation to the members, and will be presented at the AGM. The Member bringing forward the resolution must be prepared to read the resolution into the meeting as a motion and must have a seconder. A resolution requires 51% of the voting members present to vote in favour of the resolution in order for it to be passed.